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In the recent past, 3D printers were only used only in industrial applications but now, you can easily acquire them without much of a hassle.

If you are looking for a reliable and cheap hobby 3D printer to get started in 3D printing, this comprehensive guide will help you decide which is best for you.

In this article we will present you 5 budget 3D printers that you can use as a beginner or hobbits. At the end of this guide, we will also answer some of the most common questions regarding budget 3D printers.

5 Best Budget Hobby 3D Printers Review

Learn more about the best 5 budget hobby 3D printers in the following reviews:

1. Da Vinci Mini-Wireless 3D Printer

Da Vinci mini-Wire 3D Printer comes with an Aluminium printer bed measuring 5.9″x 5.9″ x 5.9″. The printer is compact in its design and it is very productive in printing both fine and larger three-dimensional prints of very high quality.

To use this device, you can just connect it wirelessly to your private network at home for easy and three-dimensional printing. Through a wireless connection, you can do your printing throughout your office, home and even classroom.

Its filaments are skillfully made from the top quality PLA plastic materials that are extracted from corn starch. These printing materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, making them safer to handle when working on your 3D printer.

When it comes to the way your 3D printer works, you will realize that it streamlines every printing function through its single-button printer design. Also, the device has different colored LEDs which help you monitor the whole process while indicating the printing conditions in every printing task.

However, you may make your work easier by simply using free downloadable XYZ maker 3D design software if you are a beginner.

Pros and Cons of Da Vinci Mini-Wireless

[pc width=”100″ pros=”A great compact printer for beginners|It is easy to use|Does not need you to assemble it|The printer is affordable|It is a plug-and-play printing machine|Reliable printing|The software is easy to use” cons=”It does not have an LCD screen to monitor its progress|The 3D Printer works only with an XYZ Printing (PLA) filament rolls|The software for connecting to the printer is buggy”][/pc]

[h text=”Check Price & Details on Amazon”][/h]

2. Monoprice Select-Mini 3D Printer v2

If you are looking for a modern 3D printer that is capable of supporting all filament types then you should consider settling for Monoprice Select-Mini 3D Printer v2.

With its heated build plate and a wide range of extruder temperatures, you can easily do printing with any type of filaments. These filaments could be the basic ones such as PLA and ABS or more advanced varieties like metal and wood composites, conducive PLA and dissolvable PVA.

The printer’s compact design features a basic open frame design and a small footprint that make it compact enough for your desk at home or office.

Unlike other models of 3D printers, Monoprice Select-Mini 3D Printer v2 comes to you when it is fully assembled. This means that the printer is already calibrated right at the point of its manufacture making it a ready to print device when you buy it.

In addition to that, there are samples of PLA filaments and MicroSD card included on the preinstalled printer to enable you to start your printing task straight out of the box.

Most significantly, Monoprice Select-Mini 3D Printer v2 is fully compatible with the Windows 7 operating system, Linux and Mac OS. Before getting down to work, it is always advisable to refer to the printer’s user manual in order to understand the way this device is operated.

Pros and Cons of Monoprice Select-Mini

[pc width=”100″ pros=”The temperature uses more than one type of filaments|A perfect 3D printer for beginners|Clean with a sleek design|Light in weight|Easy to control|Intuitive menu|Quality Prints” cons=”The printer may become troublesome when disassembling it for general maintenance|Tendency to overheat|Works well at the beginning but after a while, the print starts to malfunction”][/pc]

[h text=”Check Price & Details on Amazon”][/h]

3. Monoprice Mini-Delta 3D Printer

You can empower your young ones’ creativity with the state-the-art Monoprice Mini-Delta 3D Printer. This device comes in handy with all the best features you would ever dream to find in just a single printer.

Its steel frame is carefully wrapped in a black anodized aluminum shell complete with 50-micron layer resolution to give you top quality 3-dimensional prints. At the same time, the steel frame in the printer’s design makes it extremely durable and capable of withstanding any serious abuse on the device.

The printer’s delta design makes the device to continuously self-calibrate so you may not have to struggle with the task of bed levelling all the time.

Apart from that, the printer’s extrusion nozzle and print bed are designed to heat to different ranges of temperatures, enabling you to print using different materials. This should tell that the printer allows you to use different types of filaments from any source as long as they are manufactured for 3D printing.

The Monoprice Mini-Delta 3D Printer is quality and a budget-friendly 3D printer, with features that are mostly found only on costly 3D printers.

On top of that, this printer has an amazing price point and it is able to use any open source software like Repetier or Cura to help you tailor your 3-dimensional printing experience to the next level.

And, you can easily make high-quality 3D prints using your wireless Wi-Fi, by use of a physical USB connection or rather printing offline using a microSD card.

Pros and Cons of Monoprice Mini-Delta

[pc width=”100″ pros=”It is a very sturdy 3D printer|Budget-friendly|It has a fast printing speed|Compact design|Good quality 3D printing” cons=”The printing area is smaller|The feeding mechanism might stop working during printing|It is noisier than most other printers”][/pc]

[h text=”Check Price & Details on Amazon”][/h]

4. CoLiDo-DIY 3D Printer with Filament

CoLiDo-DIY 3D Printer with Filament allows you to touch your creation right from the initial stages all the way to the final product regardless of where you are. This durable and quality 3D printer lets you do 3D printing tasks with a lot of ease giving you more platforms to showcase your creative ideas as well as freedom.

Given that CoLiDo-DIY 3D Printer is assembled manually, you can use it, especially for educational purposes to demonstrate the whole concept behind 3D printing technology. The fact that the printer is a DIY, you can easily assemble and use it anywhere. That is why this model is a perfect choice for you if you are a hobbyist.

Even though this printer has a large build size of 7.9”x7.9”x 6.7”, you can rest assured that it will serve you better and give you the best results. Besides, it is small, light in weight, odorless, quiet, clean and easy to operate. No wonder it has a higher quality print with a smooth build surface giving you up to 0.1 mm of resolution.

Pros and Cons of CoLiDo-DIY

[pc width=”100″ pros=”The printer is easy to use and very accurate|The software used along with the printer is also easy to use|The entire structure is well-built|Can use different filaments|Affordable DIY 3D Printer” cons=”Slow printing speed|There are reported cases of breakages|Materials are likely to warp when printing”][/pc]

[h text=”Check Price & Details on Amazon”][/h]

5. Geeetech-13 pro-W 3D Printer

Geeetech-13 pro-W 3D Printer comes with an open filament system that allows you to use APL, ABS or Flexible PLA filament materials.

With its reliable print quality, this printer is capable of giving you a higher layer resolution and a lower tolerance that provides a smooth surface finish. Also, you will have a very stable object texture when you use this device for your 3D printing project.

Geeetech-13 pro-W 3D Printer is easy to assemble as well as making the right adjustments thanks to its custom-made fit parts and the reasonable build saving you your precious time in the process.

Additionally, the printer has a 6mm thick and high-quality wood panels to give it that much-needed stability and smooth work throughout.

One thing that makes Geeetech-13 pro-W 3D Printer unique is its cloud printing solution. The printer allows you to use your Wi-Fi module whenever you want to do wireless 3D printing. This way, you are able to carry out your project throughout your home or office at your convenience.

On the other hand, this printer gives an option of using its EasyPrint 3D application. The application comes with control and printing features, a 3D printing community and a complete gallery of 3D models. When combined with Wi-Fi, EasyPrint App can give you a great 3D print cloud experience.

Pros and Cons of Geeetech-13 pro-W

[pc width=”100″ pros=”This is a good starter printer|A perfect 3D printer for skilled DIY|Excellent with modifications” cons=”You will need spare tools to assemble it|You will need to buy a Wi-Fi module separately”][/pc]

[h text=”Check Price & Details on Amazon”][/h]

How to Choose a Hobby 3D Printer?

There are many Hobby 3D Printers on the market today but choosing the right one for you could be a daunting task. Just before you make up your mind to buy your dream 3D printer, there are factors to consider or questions that you need to ask yourself. These questions are:

  • How much are you willing to spend on a 3D printer?
  • What are the size prints you are looking to make?
  • How much experience in 3D printing do you have?
  • What is the type of materials you will need to print?
  • Do you consider working with a specific size of filament?
  • What is the main purpose of buying a printer?
  • Do you need an extended warranty on the product?
  • How hands-on are you willing to be building, upgrading, configuring and maintaining your printer?
  • Do you have specific software compatibility or accessibility requirements?
  • Which is your country?
  • Who else is going to use the printer?

Every answer to each of the questions should help you in choosing the right 3D printer that will enable you to carry out your printing projects successfully and for a very long time

DIY vs Compact 3D Printer-Why one is Right for You?

A DIY 3D printer gives you an opportunity to build your own printer kit right from scratch. This is quite an attractive idea given that you will have to make your own sound decision on what you want to be included on your printer. Above all, it will cost you less especially if you are on a tight budget.

A compact 3D printer saves you time and agony of trying to put together every piece in a bid to come up with a complete 3D printer. As a matter of fact, this type of printer comes when it is already assembled by the manufacturers. Although it is costly, you can be sure that it will work perfectly and without any technical issues.

However, the choice of a 3D printer depends on you and the underlying factors. Whether you settle for a compact or go for a DIY 3D printer, what matters the most is your decision.

What to Expect from a Cheap 3D Printer?

A cheap 3D printer gives you a platform to perform 3D printing tasks just like any other printer on the market. In fact, this type of printer will enable you to make 3D designs and related printing jobs at a very affordable price.

Most of them are accessible and budget-friendly allowing quite a number of people to enjoy 3D printing services at a lower cost.

What Filament to Choose for Your 3D Printer?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right 3D printer filaments. These include the diameter of the filament that your 3D printer can use, the filament type (in this case you may consider the ABS, PVA and PLA filaments), filament grade, printing condition of the filament, the manufacturer, materials they are made from and the colors.

Therefore, you may choose your filament depending on the specifications of your 3D printer and what you want to print.

Are Budget 3D Printers Reliable?

The fact that these budget-friendly 3D printers have features that enable them to print in 3D, it is right to say that they are reliable. Just like the expensive models, cheap 3D printers can perform better if they are handled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With proper maintenance, they can serve you in the same way as the expensive ones.


There are different types of 3D printers on the market today and each model has its own features and specifications.

While there are those that are costly, you should never limit your ability and interest in 3D printing when you can easily acquire a cheaper printer to accomplish your tasks.

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